North Korean military officials have refused to release the body of a Ceder City, Utah, soldier who died in captivity during the 3-year-long Korean War, which ended in 1953.

Officials of the U.N. Command are in Panmunjom, the site of peace negotiations that ended the war, to demand the return of the remains of Lt. Jack J. Saunders of Cedar City. They also seek the body of Cpl. Arthur I. Seaton, Philadelphia.A North Korean military spokesman said the matter should be discussed between his country and the United States.

U.S. Army Col. Charles O. Coffman, speaking for the U.N. Command in Panmunjom, criticized North Korea for refusing to return the remains of the two Americans when it had admitted having them and implied its willingness to return them.

Coffman said the North broke off talks Jan. 26 out of "discontent" with the U.S. sanctions imposed after the North's alleged bombing of a South Korean jetliner in November.

The Deseret News has contacted the Cedar City Police, Public Library and several Cedar City citizens and the American Legion in St. George, but has been unable to find anyone who remembers Saunders or his family. The Cedar City telephone director and city director do not list anyone by the name of Saunders.