Boston Red Sox third baseman Wade Boggs has confirmed he had an affair with the California woman who has filed a $6 million palimony suit against him and said he would probably apologize to his teammates Thursday.

"I don't denounce that it was an affair," Boggs said. "I tried to break it off for two years. My wife (ebbie) knows everything now."The lawsuit was filed June 3 by Margo Adams of Costa Mesa, Calif., who contends she and Boggs lived together on the road for four years. She says he agreed to provide for her. "She's not going to get a red cent. Not one," Boggs said.

Adams reportedly is seeking depositions from nine players, along with others connected with the team.

The palimony suit has caused some dissension on the Red Sox, provoking a shouting-and-shoving match in the lobby of a Cleveland hotel Sunday.