The office rented by the author of "Little House on the Freeway" has been condemned by the Arizona Department of Transportation - to make way for a freeway.

Tim Kimmel moved Generation Ministries' office into the building soon after completing his book last year."Little House on the Freeway: Help for the Hurried Home" is in its fourth printing. The book focuses on the effects of today's hurried, distracted lifestyle on families and offers practical information for repairing the damage inflicted by modern life.

"The freeway is kind of the symbol of the speed at which we live life today. No matter what your belief system, theologically there are some principles that we all need for comfort," Kimmel said.

"I wrote this so that anybody could pick this up and find something practical in it, but there's no doubt that there is a Christian message in the book because I do believe the ultimate solution to rest and calm in our life is to have a relationship with God that is intimate. That is what the book is about - how to bring calm and rest into your hurried lifestyle.

"I know frustration because I have three children. You ask for patience, God gives you children. You ask for strength, God gives you weaknesses that you must work through," he said.

His attitude makes one realize why the director of Generation Ministries is sought after nationally as a conference speaker. His specialty is addressing dilemmas facing American Christian families with comments and anecdotes reminiscent of stand-up comedians, but with serious connotations.

"I feel it is a sin to bore people with information about the truth," he said.

Kimmel, 37, received his bachelor's degree in psychology and Greek from Bryan College, Dayton, Tenn., and his master of theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1976.

He is a member of Scottsdale Bible Church where he served as youth pastor from 1976 to 1980. Kimmel and his wife, Darcy, have three children: Karis, 7, Cody, 3, and Shiloh, 16 months.

Between speaking engagements, Kimmel is working on his next book, "10 Building Blocks for a Legacy," which also concentrates on parenting and families.