MANTUA, Box Elder County (AP) — A case of road rage sent two men to jail and one woman to the hospital, police said.

Witnesses described the incident as a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse.

It began about 5 p.m. Saturday when a passenger in a car driven by Savith Poeut, 19, Logan, allegedly threw a cup of ice cream at a car driven by Jose Cortez, 30, also of Logan.

The cars were southbound on U.S. 89-91 between Logan and Brigham City in Sardine Canyon, Mantua Police Chief Jim Jones said.

Witnesses said the two drivers began to bait each other, weaving back and forth for several miles before Poeut apparently lost control of his vehicle. Witnesses said the car spun 180 degrees into oncoming traffic where it was hit by a northbound vehicle.

Poeut and one of his passengers, Wendy Weidenbacher, 20, Logan, were ejected from the car. Weidenbacher flew approximately 35 feet through the air, landed in a snow bank and sustained serious head and facial injuries, Jones said.

All the victims were taken to Brigham City Community Hospital, where Poeut and the occupants of the northbound car were treated for minor injuries.

Weidenbacher was later flown to LDS Hospital, where she was listed in serious condition.