The Nebo School District's proposed $34 million budget for 1988-89 would raise property taxes three quarters of a percent, according to the district business administrator.

"Some categories of taxes will go up, and some will go down," said Errol Smith. "But overall, property taxes will go up just a little."The increase would raise the tax rate for properties in the Nebo district to .005051. Smith said it would cost the owner of a $76,000 home $5.73 more annually. The increase would raise $140,000 for the district.

Local sources would provide 18.8 percent of the needed $34 million, state money 76.1 percent and federal sources 4.2 percent.

A public hearing on the proposed budget will be held at 8 a.m. June 29 in the Nebo district headquarters, 350 S. Main, Spanish Fork.

District expenditures would be up more than $1.7 million from 1987-88. Some of the money would go for the 400 new students. It costs an average of $2,160 per year to educate each of the 15,800 who attend Nebo schools.

"That is not much at all," Smith said. "Utah has had the absolute lowest amount for expenditures per student in the nation, and it has for two years. And of Utah's 40 districts, Nebo ranks 38th in per-student expenditures.

"The national average spent per student is about $3,000. Nebo is almost the lowest of the low."

District officials were expecting the increase in number of kindergarteners but were surprised by higher insurance prices.

"Insurance will cost us $400,000 more than it did last year," Smith said. "The increase in health and accident insurance is the single largest change from this year's budget. We didn't see it coming."

Smith said that if the budget is approved, there will be no increase in the teachers' basic salary schedule, but those who qualify to change levels will get raises. The $15.8 million allotted for teachers' salaries accounts for 46 percent of total expenditures. Salaries and fringe benefits for all personnel use about 86 percent of the budget.

The proposed budget calls for minor cuts in funds for aides, social workers and administrators. Funds for teachers, guidance counselors, media personnel, secretaries and custodians would increase slightly.

Proposed '88-89

Nebo budget

Salaries $22,091,232

Fringe benefits 7,301,921

Contract services 1,698,851

Utilities 1,459,850

Supplies 759,439

Maintenance 425,330

Textbooks 163,054

Library, audio visual 95,254

Equipment 82,996

Total $34,077,927