An angry Utah woman told the Nevada Board of Examiners Wednesday she would spread the word among her friends not to come to Nevada, where visitors are open season for robbers.

Margaret Leach and her husband from Kenilworth, Carbon County, appeared before the board asking reimbursement for her eyeglasses, broken when she was robbed and injured in September 1987 in Las Vegas.Nevada has a law allowing reimbursement for victims of crimes, but it applies only to residents.

Leach, 70, said she can't understand why tourists were not protected.

Gov. Richard Bryan, chairman of the examiners board, said it had recommended last year the Legislature extend the victim of crime law to non-residents. But it refused.

"I'm going to tell everybody not to come to this state," said Leach. "I've been crippled up. All I asked for was a pair of glasses."