This year's fiscal 1988 military construction bill includes nearly $130 million for projects in Utah, compared to appropriations of nearly $70 million last year, says Sen. Jake Garn, R-Utah.

"Considering the nation's budget climate and the trend toward tightening all defense programs, Utah has fared extremely well," Garn said. "I think our generous appropriations demonstrate the fact that Utah's military facilities are essential to the nation's military efforts."The bill was approved last week by the Senate Appropriations Committee with all of Utah's projects intact, said Garn, a member of the panel. It still requires approval by the full Senate.

The bill includes funding for a $37 million consolidated maintenance facility at Tooele Army Depot, more than $49 million for the proposed demilitarization of obsolete chemical weapons at the depot, and $2.8 million for an electronics security complex at the Salt Lake International Airport for the Air National Guard.

In addition, the bill calls for $6 million for an automated data processing facility at Defense Depot Ogden.

"We have been working on these projects for a number of years to make sure they continue to move up on the budget priority list," Garn said. The initial approval of the projects, he said, indicates "strong support for the projects under way at Utah's military facilities."