A Davis county radio club will set up and operate a complete sun-powered ham radio station June 25-26 for practice in case of an emergency.

Greg Allen, Davis County Amateur Radio Club president, said the station will not operate on commercial power the entire weekend. Club members will go to the East Canyon Resort Saturday morning, where they will set up the station and try to contact ham radio operators in the United States and foreign countries for a 27-hour period.Allen said the site is easily accessible, so families and anyone interested in amateur radio can visit or camp during the weekend activity. The station will be south of the normal resort trailer parking area.

Unlike citizens band communications, ham radios are licensed for a maximum power of 1,000 watts on a large number of radio frequency bands, rather than only 40 channels on one band, using five watts.

The Davis club members are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to operate the station. The club is active in providing emergency and community service communications.