Property owners will notice an 8 percent decrease in their taxes this fall due to the 3-1 passage of the town's proposed .002331 certified tax rate.

But taxes will still be higher than county officials suggested.An emergency meeting was called by Mayor William H. Levitt after three of the five members in attendance at the town's regular council meeting last week failed to pass the proposed 1988-89 fiscal budget.

Had the council failed to meet the deadline set by Salt Lake County, the county would have stepped in and lowered the certified tax rate to .002067.

Salt Lake County officials believed that because Alta recently retired two bonds and saw substantial growth, the lower rate should apply.

Levitt, however, said Alta will never see the increased revenue from the town's growth and therefore the rate should stay the same.

The difference between the two proposed rates is approximately $10,000.

Because such large revenue increase would require a "truth in taxation" public hearing, Councilman Tom Pollard argued it would not be worth spending the $2,400 required to advertise the hearing. He voted against the budget proposal.

The public hearing will be held in early August.