Defense Depot Ogden will gain $10 million in storage space when the Binnable Item Storage Automated Rack Systems is in place next year.

Jim Stitzer, engineering branch chief at the depot, said this is probably the most significant mechanization project at the depot so far and will ensure the depot's long-range stability.The system will use 20-foot-high bins with automatically guided vehicles, much like those being used in the new automated rack complex for rackable items, Stitzer said. By going from seven to 20-foot racks, the small binnable items will be consolidated from about nine warehouse sections to just under five, he said.

In two-thirds of the space, there will be room for almost double the number of locations possible for bin-nable stock. The freed storage space created is worth $10 million since it would cost that much to provide the space from scratch.

The space made available by the new system will allow DDO to take on new assignments and make it an even more vital link in the Department of Defense.