Parents whose children will be affected by the anticipated closure of East Mill Creek Elementary School must wait another two weeks to find out just what that effect will be.

The Granite Board of Education did not act Tuesday night on the proposed closure, delaying a decision until district leaders have an opportunity to meet with traffic officials regarding safety factors. The board assured patrons that a decision will be made July 5.Two plans are being considered, each assuming that East Mill Creek will be closed. One would send the school's students to Canyon Rim Elementary and the other would send them to Upland Terrace. The latter option would require that approximately 150 students now being bused from the Valley Center area of 39th South and Fifth to Seventh West be bused to Canyon Rim.

East Mill Creek parents are adamantly opposed to the move to Canyon Rim because students would have to cross 33rd South, a six-lane highway they describe as extremely hazardous. In statements to the board Tuesday, they said safety should be the primary factor in the decision.

The Valley Center parents claim they will be taking a double penalty from the district if they are shifted again. They were assured when they began busing to Upland Terrace 18 years ago that the arrangement would be permanent.