The Newspaper Agency Corp., business and printing agent for the Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune, has opened a new printing plant at its Gale Street production facility.

NAC will use the new plant to supplement its existing Regent Street printing plant. The new 20-unit Goss Urbanite press will be used to produce part of the News and Tribune while a three- to five-year plant modernization program is under way at the Regent Street plant.The modernization will give the NAC the capacity to produce all copies of the two daily papers using offset printing technology, which will significantly enhance the print quality of both papers.

NAC has contracted with the Gannett Co.'s USA Today newspaper to print 20,000 to 30,000 copies of USA Today during times of excess press capacity. The USA Today papers will be distributed in Utah and the surrounding area.

Glenn Webb, NAC production manager, said the new printing operation will add 15 to 20 jobs to the NAC payroll.

NAC President Dominic Welch said the Gale Street plant and the Regent Street modernization reflect his and the NAC board of directors' confidence in the future growth of both daily papers as well as optimism about the long-term business climate of both the city and the state.