The new military government has arrested former aides of ousted President Leslie Manigat, who was overthrown in an army coup, sources said Wednesday.

The information minister, Col. Acedius St. Louis, confirmed over the independent Radio Antilles that an unspecified number of prisoners have been held since Sunday, when the military deposed Manigat's 4-month-old civilian government and restored Lt. Gen. Henry Namphy to power.St. Louis gave no names nor details but said the prisoners were being treated well.

The deposed president, meanwhile, called Tuesday for the international isolation of Namphy's restored military government. But he virtually conceded he has joined the long list of Haiti's ex-leaders.

In Washington, the State Department said it would maintain diplomatic relations with Haiti and keep up humanitarian aid.

A government source, speaking on condition of anonymity, late Tuesday identified former Manigat aides under arrest as Savain, his son Roger Savain Jr., Desgranges, and former Information Ministry officials Rodney Marcellus and Jean Narces Lescouflair.

"It is now possible for the army to redeem itself," Sylvio Claude, leader of the Haitian Christian Democratic Party, told Radio Lumiere Wednesday. "For the present, we neither condemn nor congratulate the army."

Louis Dejoie II, another opposition leader, said Tuesday in Puerto Rico that he wanted to talke with Namphy about holding elections. Claude, Dejoie, economist Marc Bazin and human rights activist Gerard Gourge were considered the leading candidates in the Nov. 29 elections but boycotted the army-run voting on Jan. 17.