A Bountiful man who has confessed to three murders in Salt Lake and Davis counties had his sentencing in 2nd District Court continued Tuesday until July 5.

Russell M. Anderson, 35, is already serving two consecutive life sentences in the Utah State Prison in the killings of a Salt Lake couple, Norman B. and Janet Armstrong, in July 1987.Anderson pleaded guilty and mentally ill in their killings, the same plea he entered in 2nd District Court in the Aug. 28, 1987, shooting in Bountiful of Frank R. Boulton.

Psychiatric evaluations of Anderson have concluded that he is mentally retarded by not mentally ill.

Third District Judge Leonard Russon sentenced Anderson on June 14 to two consecutive five-year-to-life terms in the state prison, saying the prison and not the state hospital is the appropriate place for him.

Davis County prosecutor Carvel Harward Tuesday asked 2nd District Judge Rodney S. Page for an additional consecutive five-year-to-life term, plus a consecutive five-year enhancement for the use of a firearm in a crime.

Harward wants to introduce Judge Russon's findings as part of the evidence in the sentencing hearing. But Russon is out of town, and the official transcript of his ruling has not been signed.

Page ruled that since Anderson is already in the state prison, delaying the sentencing to July 5 will not harm his case in 2nd District Court.