Ray Briscoe, a high school teacher and college professor for several decades and a member of the Davis School Board for nearly eight years, says you can never learn enough, and he is always willing to study new subjects and find out more about old ones.

A member of the research and evaluation department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the past seven years, Briscoe received a two-week scholarship to study about the First Amendment and the history of religious freedom at George Mason University, Fairfax, Va.Briscoe arrived in Virginia this week and will return home July 1. The scholarship, sponsored by the American United Research Foundation and Religious Freedom Institute, will give him an opportunity to study at the National Archives Library in Washington and at several historic sites.

When he returns, he will write a curriculum guide to help teachers teach about religious liberty and the history of the separation of church and state. He will also give seminars on the subject during the next year.

Briscoe, who earned a doctorate in social studies education at the University of Utah in 1970, taught social studies, history and American government at Bountiful High School for 13 years and was a professor of behavioral science at Westminster College 10 years.

He said education should be a lifelong pursuit. "Nobody should quit finding out about life or about the world or other people. Living should be learning."