HEBER CITY (AP) — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will construct a multimillion-dollar camp in the mountains east of Heber City.

The 8,400-acre tract, known as the Lake Creek Camp, primarily will be used as a girls camp, but stakes, wards and families also will be able to use the site.

When completed by the summer of 2002, the facility will cater exclusively to members of the LDS Church along the Wasatch Front and will be able to handle nearly 6,000 people at one time, spread across 13 main campsites.

The timbered setting encompasses lakes and streams and rises in elevation to more than 9,900 feet. It borders a private 1,600-lot mountain subdivision, Timber Lakes.

Nearly 3,000 acres of the property was donated to the church by Veigh Cummings, the Timber Lakes developer.

"If there is anything in the world we need today, it is to create better youth and leadership programs," he said. "I believe in the project. It will definitely complement the mountain."

Snowmobiles and ATVs will not be allowed at the camp.

"We are being very sensitive to the environment," said Steve Trammell, project manager.

Buses are being considered for transporting the thousands of daily users who will converge on the mountain.

"What we don't want to have is a congregation of 1,000 vehicles with sunlight shining off their windshields all summer," he said.

Each of the 13 campsites will have nine pods, each featuring a fire pit with a gas-powered barbecue, tent pads and cabins. There will be shower and restroom facilities and picnic pavilions.

Each campsite will have an amphitheater for skits, plays, orientation meetings and church gatherings.

Trammell said the site may be open during the winter months for the Boy Scouts.