Davis County deputy sheriffs assigned to participate in a recent statewide crackdown on cattle rustlers waited for hours for state brand inspectors who never showed up, authorities say.

Sheriff's Capt. K.D. Simpson said the state workers were supposed to help the deputies set up roadblocks aimed at snaring rustlers during the June 4-5 weekend."Two of my guys waited for six hours for them," Simpson said. He said Davis County had been contacted by the state sheriff's association and that the two men assigned would have gone anywhere in the state to help with the roadblocks.

"We ran out of brand inspectors," said Terry Menlove, bureau chief of animal identification for the Department of Agriculture. "There was not a department brand inspector assigned to Davis County."

He said only 10 full-time brand inspectors are on duty in Utah, while 49 others work part time.

Menlove said the proposed roundup had been coordinated with the Utah Cattleman's Association, which had been told a brand inspector would not be available for the Davis County project.

Gov. Norm Bangerter ordered the roadblocks, saying rustling costs the Utah cattle industry $1.4 million annually.