MONA — Because its population has officially topped 800, Mona is now a third-class city rather than a town.

Also making the change this year are Bear River (850), Elk Ridge (1,696), Francis (823), Minersville (850), Spring City (872), Toquerville (814), Woodland Hills (1,459), and Uintah (1,183).

The Mona City Council received notice that the status had been changed in a letter sent by Richard M. Moon, manager of the local government division of the state auditor's office.

"Your town has been declared a third-class city based on the most recent population figures determined by the United States Bureau of Census and the Utah Population Estimates Committee," Moon wrote.

The official figures place the population of Mona at 952.

The new classification will affect the structure of city government. One more council member must be elected, and once that is done, the mayor will no longer have a vote except in the case of a tie vote.

"As a new third-class city, you should be aware that your city is now subject to the Fiscal Procedures Act for Utah Cities and from this time forward, should follow the requirements and procedures contained in this act when adopting your budget and reporting your financial activity," Moon wrote.

Decisions concerning the election of another council member and when that should take place will be considered only after the council has had an opportunity to consult with the office of the Utah Association of Cities and Towns.

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