President Reagan and Japanese Prime Minister Noboru Takeshita signed a five-year agreement Monday to cooperate in research and development in science and technology.

Administration officials said the accord specifies that no classified information will be exchanged between the two countries.The ceremonial signing took place in the ornate ballroom of the Royal York Hotel with Reagan, in brief comments, saying the pact is "based on the principles of mutual and equitable contributions and benefits."

"The agreement provides for joint initiatives to strengthen our bilateral science and technology relationship," he said.

Reagan added, "We seek to enhance cooperation in a number of research areas of national importance."

Takeshita said the agreement "lifts our sights to the 1990s and beyond, establishing a practical framework for cooperation."

He said the collaboration under the agreement is not exclusive, and "it is open to be shared by all the world."

The agreement supercedes a previous science and technology accord between the two nations that was signed in 1980.

The agreement also:

-Sets forth broad principles under which the two governments cooperate in research.

-Establishes areas in science and technology for joint research such as superconductors, life sciences, automation, environment and data-base development.

-Calls for both governments to provide for comparable access to government sponsored or supported research.

-Sets forth provisions for protection of intellectual property.

-Establishes a Joint High Level Committee to meet annually to review policy issues.