A 1992 parole date has been set for a 30-year-old man whose knife-wielding resulted in the loss of one victim's eye.

Daniel Ray Maire is serving a 1-to-15-year sentence for attempted criminal homicide, aggravated assault and a weapons violation. His parole date has been set for March 24, 1992, by the Utah Board of Pardons.Maire was involved in a fight in a bar when he said he noticed another person fighting and carrying a knife. "I just grabbed it and started swinging," he said.

Two victims suffered serious injuries from Maire. One victim lost one eye and suffered an 80 percent hearing loss. A second victim received stabs to the lungs, diaphragm and stomach.

Board member Paul Boyden told Maire he was a lucky man. "The fact that it wasn't a homicide is just luck on your part," he said.

"I know that they've suffered a lot," Maire told the Utah Board of Pardons. "And I feel bad for them, I really do."

Maire told the board he isn't a violent person and cited an incident when he attempted to rob a store.

"I went in to do that robbery and the lady (working at the store) said, `Young man, if you want money, get a job. But you're not taking mine.' I had a club, but I couldn't use it. I'm not a violent person," Maire said.

"What I did was a messed-up thing," he told the board. "I went beyond what I should have."

Stipulations of the parole date include an agreement to drink no alcohol, submit to occasional urinary analysis, complete an alcoholic therapy program, intensive supervised parole and a board review 90 days before the scheduled parole date.