A survey of 1,008 American adults with incomes in the $30,000 a year range shows the majority said they have enough money "to live productive, happy lives," Parents Magazine reported.

The survey found, however, that most of those polled would be a lot happier if they had an extra $10,000 a year income."The message of the American dream is to go out and earn more and buy more, but these people are already satisfied," said Bob Marks, the president of the economic consulting firm Stiff, Oakley and Marks, Inc.

Of those happy with their incomes, 72 percent said they had no problem paying for housing, 69 percent said they had no problem putting food on the table, 56 percent said they had money for entertainment and 43 percent said they were able to put money into savings.

However, 41 percent of those polled believe they are missing out on something in life because they do not have enough money for vacations, a new house or a new car.

Prof. Henry Aaron of the Brookings Institution wrote in the article that the results of the survey showed "a sign of national maturity."

"The United States is certainly rich enough for the majority of its population to live a fulfilling life," Aaron said.