Bruce Springsteen, one of the world's most popular rock stars, has separated from his wife of three years, actress Julianne Phillips, it was reported Saturday. "I'd rather not comment on it (ut) you can say it's been confirmed," Molly Madden, Phillips' manager, told the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. The two have not filed for divorce. Springsteen met his wife after a chance backstage encounter in Los Angeles. The newspaper said the 38-year-old musician and his wife separated after a falling out over children. Springsteen reportedly wanted them; Phillips wanted to wait, and get her acting career off the ground first. Phillips, 28, is busy filming "Fletch II" with Chevy Chase, Madden told the Herald. Springsteen, known in the rock world as the "Boss," is in Europe with his "Tunnel of Love" concert tour. The syndicated "Entertainment Tonight" show reported Friday that Springsteen has been seeing his back-up singer Patti Scialfa.