The Pocatello Municipal Airport could soon find itself in a major building boom if tentative expansion plans get off the ground.

Airport Manager Len Nelson said Wednesday at a Greater Pocatello Chamber of Commerce breakfast that the National Weather Service could construct a new radar facility at the airport sooner than expected.The 2,500-square-foot center, on a west-end parking lot, could double local Weather Service employment to 13 or 14, said Nelson. The $150,000 structure could be built in 1990 or 199.

Bob Glodo, Weather Service official in charge at the airport, said the Weather Service has the option of expanding its existing facility or building an entirely new structure.

"It's an enlargement in either case," Glodo said, saying it could be completed by 1993. "It definitely will be a modernization."

Glodo and Nelson will meet with federal officials next week here to firm up details.

The Pocatello Avcenter Inc. will know Thursday if it can secure $225,000-$250,000 in financing for a new hangar, office and training facility. City crews also will tear down Northwest Aviation's fixed base operation building to make way for a new, $175,000 "executive terminal."

Nelson said $20,000-$30,000 could be spent by the city after Oct. 1 modernizing the airport terminal's interior by installing new carpets and signs. It also plans to complete an overlay of a north-south runway in a few years.