If Denise Strebig wins the 1988 McDonald Championship, a $30,000 donation will be made to Salt Lake City McDonald House.

The golf tournament is played June 23-26 in Wilmington, Del., to raise money for Ronald McDonald Children's Charities and Ronald McDonald House. Entrants are paired with local Ronald McDonald houses and the winner receives $30,000.The tournament also donates $20,000 to the house represented by the second-place finisher and $10,000 to the house of the third-place finisher.

"Each player competing in the McDonald's Championship will represent a Ronald McDonald House," said Betsy Rawls, who is in the women's golfing hall of fame and serves as executive director of the tournament. "It gives the golfers an extra incentive to play well when they know they can help the families who rely on local Ronald McDonald Houses when their children are in the hospital."

Since 1981, the tournament has raised nearly $6.5 million for charity.

More than 100 Ronald McDonald Houses in the U.S. and five other countries serve as "homes away from home" for families of seriously ill children being treated in nearby hospitals.