"FreakyLinks" is Fox's latest attempt to re-create the success of "The X-Files." Or at least it was until yet another new regime came in and decided it didn't want the show it bought and placed on the fall schedule.

Co-created by Gregg Hale ("The Blair Witch Project") and David Goyer ("Blade Runner") and executive produced by Tommy Thompson ("Quantum Leap"), "FreakyLinks" was originally titled "Fearsum" — a dark show about the supernatural as filtered through the Internet. Ethan Embry stars as Derek Barnes, a paranormal investigator who runs freakylinks.com, a Web site devoted to strange goings-on.

In the pilot episode, which airs Friday at 8 p.m. on Channel 13, Ethan receives evidence that his twin brother, Adam, might not be as dead as he has believed. Which leads into a convoluted story in which Ethan and his sidekicks, Jason (Karim Prince) and Lan (Lizette Carrion), along with Adam's former fiance (Lisa Sheridan) and a crazed mental patient (Dennis Christopher), stumble onto something really scary and really big.

Whether further episodes will look anything like that one is impossible to say. Fox execs decided they want something lighter and more amusing, so Thompson, Hale and Goyer all quit the show. (Fox continues to play up the tie to "Blair Witch," but about the only remaining similarity is the use of intentionally amateurish, shaky camera work.)

Former co-executive producer David Simkins was promoted to show-runner, with a mandate to lighten things up.

Which may not necessarily be a bad thing. It's not like the "FreakyLinks" pilot is that great — it's actually rather confusing and only marginally interesting.

But as to where this show is going to go . . . only the next few weeks will tell.