A ballot initiative to limit property taxes was favored by a narrow margin of respondents to a survey conducted by the Weber School District.

But two other tax initiatives proposed this year, one that would give tuition tax credits for home school and private school enrollments and another that would repeal all state tax increases passed in 1987, drew largely negative responses in the survey.Eight hundred survey forms last month were sent home to parents and mailed to community and business leaders randomly selected by the district. Two hundred forms were returned, said Jayne Johnson, district spokesman.

Johnson said the surveys primarily asked questions designed to show how people feel about Weber schools. Questions on the tax initiatives also were included to help give the school board some idea about whether it should start looking for programs to cut, she said.

Tax reduction proponents have been gathering signatures on petitions in recent months to have the three initiatives placed on the November ballot. The Utah Tax Limitation Coalition said this week the required number of signatures had been collected. State and county elections are in the process of confirming that.

In the survey, only 15 percent of those who responded said they knew a "great deal" about the initiatives. Thirty-two percent said they knew "something" and 25 percent said they knew "very little" about the initiatives. Nineteen percent knew "nothing."

Johnson said an other 9 percent did not answer that particular question.

The tax initiative most supported was one that would limit residential property taxes to .75 percent and commercial property taxes to 1 percent of fair market value. The survey said 29 percent were in favor, 25 percent were against, 37 percent had no opinion and 9 percent did not answer.