A Bountiful man has died of a gunshot wound he suffered at Echo Reservoir in Summit County.

Robert Lyle Knighton, 23, was with his fiancee at the reservoir about 11 a.m. Thursday when he suddenly collapsed, said Summit County Sheriff Fred Eley.

Emergency crews discovered a bullet wound behind an ear and flew him to University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead Friday afternoon.

Eley said Knighton and his fiancee were stopped at the dam to allow their car's overheated engine to cool. The couple were also waiting for friends.

About 600 feet away, two Coalville teenagers with .22-caliber rifles were shooting pop bottles placed on railroad tracks.

A preliminary investigation concluded that one of the youths' bullets ricocheted and struck Knighton.

"We won't know for sure until we get ballistics back," the sheriff said. "But we don't think there was anyone else in the area shooting."

Both youths told investigators they didn't see the couple, Eley said.