A black bear that wandered into this tiny northern Utah community Friday night was shot and killed by a hunter after efforts to capture the animal alive were unsuccessful, a state wildlife officer says.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources spokeswoman Catherine Quinn said the adult male bear was first seen wandering through yards in Hoytsville about 7 p.m. Friday.

DWR Officer Terry Parkin initially planned to tranquilize the bear and return it to the mountains. But after checking with various agencies, he was unable to obtain the proper equipment to discharge the tranquilizers, Quinn said. A decision then was made to kill the bear, and a local hunter, whom Quinn declined to identify, was enlisted to shoot the animal.

The bear had been cornered in a tree and Parkin was about to explain the decision to a crowd that had gathered nearby when the animal started backing down the tree.

Quinn said the officer withstood some criticism from local residents over the decision to kill the animal. "There were some disgruntled people, as can be expected whenever an animal has to be destroyed," she said.

Typically, she said, the DWR tries to capture a wild animal alive and return it safely to its natural habitat. In this case, she said, the bear was deemed a threat to humans.