Ten players from Dallas and seven from Philadelphia were fined by the NFL for fighting in a Thanksgiving Day game which sparked accusations that Eagles coach Buddy Ryan put bounties on certain Cowboys.

The fines against the Cowboys totaled $6,500. Guard Nate Newton got the stiffest fine - $1,500 - for coming to the aid of quarterback Troy Aikman when Eagles linebacker Britt Hager threw Aikman down after a play had been whistled dead.After the game, won by the Eagles, 27-0, in Dallas, Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson accused Ryan of offering rewards if one of his players could level either Aikman or Dallas placekicker Tony Zendejas.

The league said Dec. 8 that its investigation found no evidence rewards had been offered for knocking Aikman and Zendejas out of the game.

The teams played again at Philadelphia Dec. 10, with the Eagles winning 20-10.

Other Cowboys fined were Kevin Gogan, Tom Rafferty, Daryl Johnston, Ken Norton, Cornell Burbage, James Dixon, Crawford Ker, Mark Tuinei and Junior Tautalatasi. Gogan was fined $1,000 while the others received $500 fines each, according to a letter sent to the Cowboys by the NFL office.

The Eagles would not release the names of those fined.

"That's our policy," club spokesman Ron Howard said. "Basically, it's none of your business."