A grand jury has indicted two Navajos, saying they lied under oath to the panel investigating the deaths of two tribal officers.

Boyd Atene, Oljeto, San Juan County, is charged in a two-count indictment with making false statements Thursday to the Utah grand jury probing the slaying Dec. 4, 1987, of Andy Begay, 35, and Roy Lee Stanley, 27, near the Utah-Arizona border.Raymond Fatt, 19, Monument Valley, San Juan County, is charged with one count of making false statements to the jurors. Fatt and Atene, the cousin of two suspects in the homicides, were released Friday on $1,000 bond each.

The charred remains of the officers were found Dec. 5 in the Copper Canyon area, in extreme southern Utah and about 20 miles east of Lake Powell.

It took federal, tribal and local officers more than four months to break the case, with the arrests in April of Ben Atene Jr., 24, his brother, Marques Atene, 22, the Atenes' half-brother Vinton Bedoni, 31, and Thomas Cly, 22.

The four - each charged with first-degree murder, aiding and abetting in first-degree murder and possession of a firearm - are scheduled to stand trial July 11 before Utah federal Judge Thomas Greene.

Boyd Atene allegedly told the grand jury that he and Irwin Stanley, a cousin to one of the victims, were not at a bonfire and beer-drinking party in Gouldings, San Juan County, where investigators say the officers were shot.

The indictment claims Atene did attend the party and knew Irwin Stanley was there. He entered a plea of not guilty at his arraignment before federal Magistrate Calvin Gould.

Prosecutors also allege Fatt lied to the jury in testifying he was not at the party. He has pleaded not guilty and is to appear Monday before Greene for scheduling of a trial date. An appearance date for Boyd Atene was pending.