A chapel donated by the LDS Church will help the Salt Lake division of the Salvation Army to fulfill its mission to confront hardship among human beings in Salt Lake City.

President Thomas S. Monson, second counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, presented the keys to the former 25th LDS Ward meetinghouse of the Salt Lake Pioneer Stake to Salvation Army officials during a ceremony Sunday."May you enjoy this building . . . and may it be an integral part of this westside community," Monson told 200 worshipers at the chapel, 428 S. Ninth West.

The donation came on the day the Salvation Army marked its 100th anniversary of service in Salt Lake City, Army officials said.

The LDS Church donated the building because the Salvation Army "has done so much good in the community and in communities across the country," President Monson said. The building was made vacant by new ward boundary alignments.

Calling it an "historic building," President Monson expressed his desire for a "glorious future for the 25th Ward," built in 1902 and extensively remodeled in 1947.

Col. Kenneth Hood, chief secretary of the Army's Western Territory, which includes 13 states, called the donation "a generous act" and pledged the building would be dedicated to service to others.

"The real value of this building will not be in its material value . . . The real value will appear by what goes on here after today," he said.

"People are our business," he continued, "this building will enable us to serve people." Besides worship services, the building will house facilities for job training and placement programs and other social service programs, he said.

"We must try to offer solutions and healing to the lives of men and women who come here seeking help," he said.

The building includes a three-quarter-acre lot, a 200-seat chapel, a multipurpose room, kitchen and dining facilities and classrooms and offices. The 11,138-square-foot complex is valued at $350,000, Salvation Army officials said.

The LDS Church also donated an organ and furniture throughout the building, Salvation Army officials said.

The Salvation Army is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its arrival in Salt Lake City, chronicled in a June 15, 1888, article in the Salvation Army's publication, The War Cry.

"Utah seemed so far away, almost like another world, and as the iron steam engine finally pulled into the station . . . we immediately began to look for a building where we could conduct our first meeting," the publication said.