Two gunmen killed a leftist leader Saturday in front of his home near the U.S. Clark Air Base just days after an American lawyer's group reported increasing violence by right-wing vigilantes, police said.

Also Saturday, communist rebels were blamed for the kidnapping and murder of a former vice mayor in the central Philippines, and the military reported three other deaths in the 19-year-old insurrection by the leftist New People's Army.Police said two youthful gunmen walked up to Ramon Cura, 46, a lawyer and leading activist in a coalition of human rights groups, and pumped three bullets into his head, neck and chest while he was working with his father in the yard of his home in Angeles City outside Clark Air Base.

There were unconfirmed reports earlier this spring of the formation of a rightist death squad in Angeles, where eight people have been killed this month and 30 since May 5. Most of the victims were politically active either on the left or the right.