The Rev. Howard Langston has never had a problem with alcohol or drugs, but he says he can still identify with the street people who flow in and out of Ogden's Rescue Mission. Langston was appointed the mission's new director, replacing the Rev. Jim Stanford, who is retiring after 15 years.

Langston arrived in May and he will remain in training until the Rev. Stanford and his wife, Beverly, step down on Oct. 31.The Rescue Mission accommodates 45 men per night and feeds as many people who come through the door. The mission is currently adding a new chapel, 45 more beds and a storage room. The mission also operates a family shelter.

The organization helps Ogden's homeless and transient population find God while providing them with food and shelter.

Langston said he has no problems carrying on with the mission and said he is proud to be named its new director.

The 49-year-old Modesto, Calif., man was ordained as a minister in 1976 at the Linda Baptist Church in Marysville, Calif. He attended the Western Bible College in Denver, Colo., where he received a bachelor's degree in theology.

He is familiar with mission homes because he served as assistant superintendent at the Modesto Mission where he taught Bible classes.

"I've never had a problem with alcohol or drugs, but I've known plenty of people who have," Langston said. "And I grew up poor, which made a real mark on my life, and I have some identity with those we see at the mission."

Langston said he moved here with his wife, Phyllis, who will also help out at the mission. "I think Jim's done a pretty good job," he said. "I don't think there needs to be any changes."