Citations have been issued to two drivers involved in separate accidents in which fatalities resulted.

Carla Ann Lindh, 22, 3810 S. Redwood Road, was cited for failure to yield at an intersection while making a left turn June 1. Her car collided with a truck that was carrying a 105-foot-long, 85-ton concrete beam, said police traffic investigator Ken Jarvis.The beam shifted forward 23 feet when the driver, Stephen M. Cox, 34, 4046 W. West Lake Dr., slammed on his brakes to avoid hitting Lindh's car. Cox died when he was pinned between the beam and the truck's steering wheel.

In a May 25 accident, David Kunz, 34, 4329 W. 3325 South, was driving east on 31st South when he collided in the intersection at 36th West with a car driven by Metui Tuano, 47, 3745 W. 4310 South. Tuano's car rolled onto its top, pinning Tuano inside.

Tuano suffered a serious neck injury and died several weeks later from complications of the injury, Jarvis said.

Kunz was cited for running a red light.