Salt Lake City is shakin' its groove thing and movin' like never before. CLVB DV8 is taking full responsibility.

Unlike other get-down, boogie joints around town that maintain a more bar-like atmosphere, CLVB DV8, 115 S. West Temple, is a dance club in every way, shape and form.Dave Stroud, co-owner of the new club, said it was modeled after dance clubs he's visited around the country. Stroud added, however, that it isn't a replica of other DV8s, such as the one in San Francisco.

"We just liked the name," he said.

The club opened its doors Sept. 15 to a crowd of 700. Stroud said business has been booming ever since.

"We have between 500-700 people on any given night," he said.

Open for dancing Wednesday through Saturday, DV8 offers a different theme each night.

Stroud said Wednesday night is hip-hop, house-beat night, which he termed the music of the '90s. Wednesday night is also Ladies Night, entitling them to a discount on admission.

For those who prefer to sway to the beat of a live band, CLVB DV8 has designated Thursday nights live band night. Local favorites such as the Gamma Rays, Only a Test, and The Insatiables are among the groups that can be found playing up a storm.

Friday night is college night. Students with ID will be admitted for $3, and can expect to hear tunes ranging from UB40's "Red, Red, Wine" to Madonna's "Material Girl."

Stroud termed Saturday night's music a "progressive mix." Music by REM, The Cure, and Love and Rockets can be heard, along with some of the ultramodern sound from Wednesday night's format.

And for those who prefer the latest football moves over those fancy dance moves, CLVB DV8 has recently designated Monday as "NFL" night. Along with drink specials and chips, hard-core football fans can view the game on any of the club's 22 TV sets.

Although CLVB DV8 doesn't have a dress code per se, Stroud said "extreme fashions" will not be allowed.

"We won't say you can't wear Levis and shorts, because we cater to a university crowd and that's what they wear," Stroud said.

But Stroud added that he has been to clubs in L.A. where people will come in wearing such things as see-through wedding dresses. Stroud said CLVB DV8 won't permit such bizarre fashions.

He added that a lot of people dress up, and attributed it to the quality crowd the club attracts.

"Guys will come dressed in suits, women in nice dresses," he said.

Stroud said that because so much planning went into creating DV8, he isn't suprised by the club's success. And he added that CLVB DV8 is a long-term project.

"We didn't get in this to try to make a quick buck, and get out," Stroud said. "We have long-term projections for CLVB DV8."