Police on Friday found the body of an English soccer fan floating in the Main River hours after roving bands of British rowdies smashed up bars and brawled with German pub patrons.

Police said there was no immediate indication of foul play in the death of the English soccer fan, and that the unidentified victim apparently drowned while intoxicated.Before sunrise Friday, roving groups of English fans overturned cars, smashed windows and furniture in several Frankfurt bars, and attacked Germans both inside and outside the local pubs.

Ten English fans and a West German were arrested in the outbreak of violence in Frankfurt's "Apple Wine" district and near the city's main train station.

Several people, including three police officers, were slightly injured in the clashes, authorities said.

Frankfurt police were bracing for more trouble as fans gather for today's European Soccer Championship match between England and the Soviet Union. Officials said more than 1,400 police officers will be deployed in the city, starting Friday night, to try to prevent a large-scale outbreak of violence.

Police said about 60 English troublemakers, many of them drunk and some singing "God Save the Queen," were involved in Thursday's violence.

More than 100 English soccer fans have been arrested so far during the tournament in connection with violent incidents from Stuttgart to the Ruhr.

England's Football Association, reacting to the wave of violence, on Thursday withdrew its application for readmission to European club soccer play next season.

English clubs were banned from competing in Europe after 39 people were killed in a rampage by Liverpool fans through Heysel Stadium in Brussels, Belgium, prior to the European Cup final in May 1985.

Most of the victims were fans of Juventus, a team from Turin, Italy.

But also on Thursday Herbert Schnoor, interior minister for North-Rhine Westphalia state, said West Germans and not English fans were the initiators of violence on Tuesday and Wednesday in Duesseldorf.