Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon shook up the El Paso (exas) Cancer Society Celebrity Golf Tournament Friday by telling the El Paso Times he might not play this season because of an injured left shoulder.

"They say I can play with it because it's not my throwing arm, but they might have to fix it. If they do, I'd like for them to do it right now. I'd be out six months and miss the season, but at least I'd be completely healthy for next year," McMahon said.Steve Zucker, McMahon's attorney, said Friday that there is nothing new about McMahon's latest shoulder injury that was made public at the team's minicamp May 17-19. McMahon said he was hurt in the Bears' playoff loss to Washington last January.

"You never know with Jim," Zucker said of McMahon's latest comments. "We're going to Europe on Monday for two weeks and we'll discuss it when we get back from water skiing."

According to Bears trainer Fred Caito, McMahon's left shoulder is "sublexing posterially." A sublexation is a partial dislocation.

"It's something he will play with and deal with," Caito said during the minicamp. "It's not popping out completely. It's a little loose. It's his non-throwing shoulder, and we're going to work hard on the weights. He's going to be fine."