Cincinnati Reds infielder Dave Concepcion was suspended for two days and fined by National League President Bart Giamatti Friday for throwing a base in a June 11 game in San Francisco.Concepcion was punished for his actions after arguing a called third strike in the fifth inning of a 7-2 victory. He appealed the suspension Friday, and will continue to play until he is granted a hearing with Giamatti.

"Picking up a base and throwing it toward the stands, after heatedly and in a prolonged fashion arguing over a called third strike, goes beyond the bounds of the sensible or permissible or professional," Giamatti said. "For indulging in this fashion, and helping to precipitate a predictably senseless reaction from a portion of the crowd, Dave Concepcion is suspended for two days."

Concepcion is the second member of the Reds to be fined and suspended by Giamatti this season. Manager Pete Rose received a 30-day suspension and was fined for shoving an umpire April 30 in a game against the New York Mets.