Milton L. Lee, a Brigham Young University chemistry professor, has won the fifth annual Research Achievement Award for his efforts, which have brought more than $4.7 million dollars in research support to BYU during the past 13 years.

"His achievements couldn't be denied. He has definitely made the outstanding contribution," said Carol Hardman, associate director of the research administration program at BYU.Lee received his award at the annual research luncheon sponsored by research administration. "It's our way of saying thank-you to them (the researchers)," Hardman said.

Five other faculty members were recognized for their accomplishments in various scientific areas. All six of the faculty members acknowledged at the luncheon received patents for their recent work.

- Dell K. Allen of the CAM software research and design program was recognized for his research on information storage and retrieval.

- Marcus M. Jensen of the microbiology department was recognized for his discovery of a turkey rhinotracheitis vaccine.

- Thomas W. Sederberg of the civil engineering department was recognized for his work in computer graphics.

- Karin E. Markides and Paul B. Farnsworth of the chemistry department were recognized for their work with Lee in the area of chromatography.

Lee specializes in chromatography, the separation of complex mixtures that occurs during flow through a special medium. He pioneered development of capillary gas and supercritical fluid chromatography. The latter process can be used to isolate and identify complex compounds in industrial chemicals, drugs, environmental pollutants and other materials that are difficult to analyze using traditional techniques.