It's unusual for America's top archery hopeful at the 1988 Olympics to only be 14 years old. It's even more unusual for that hopeful to be a young woman from South Jordan, Utah.

The Deseret News would like to emphasize the importance of supporting Denise's efforts. A Denise Parker Olympic Fund has been set up with a fund-raising goal of $10,000 and about one quarter of that has been raised.The Olympic Committee is paying Denise's way to the Olympics and a private institution is sending one of her parents, but money to send the other parent and her coach is still needed. It's estimated that the cost of sending Denise to the Olympics will be about $4,000 per person.

Utahns have the opportunity to support the young champion and Olympic medal contender by donating to the Denise Parker fund. Contributions are being taken at Key Bank of Utah, additional information about the campaign is available at the Deseret News 237-2135 (see related sports column on D1).