The English national soccer team played its last game Saturday in the European championship tournament - to the relief of West Germans exposed to a week of drunken brawls by English soccer fans.

About 400 English fans were arrested in seven nights of violence but there have been no reported serious injuries in the brawls in Stuttgart, Duesseldorf and Frankfurt.Police hoped the English fans, who lived up to their national reputation for soccer hooliganism, would go home now that the English team, which lost all of its three games, failed to qualify for next week's semifinal matches.

But the fans, who were in Frankfurt for the Saturday afternoon game between England and the Soviet Union, which the Soviet team won 3-1, did not go quietly. They provided another night of violence and drunkenness.

Shortly before midnight Saturday, more than 150 English fans attacked passersby and wrecked a restaurant near the central railway station in Frankfurt, police said.

About 100 policemen moved in and arrested about 20 of them, a police spokesman said.

Before the game late Friday night and early Saturday, intoxicated Englishmen went on a rampage around the railway station and in the center of the city, a police spokesman said.

They damaged automobiles, picked fights with Germans and indiscriminately hurled stones and beer glasses, the police spokesman said.

Sixty-one English were arrested, the spokesman said.

English fans in West Germany for the June 10-25 European championship tournament were involved in seven straight nights of drunken violence.

Another 35 more drunken English were arrested right before the match to keep them out of trouble, the spokesman said.

In Munich before the Friday night game between West Germany and Spain police arrested 120 German fans for damaging trains bringing them to the city and for fighting among themselves.

"There were no major incidents in Munich," a police spokesman said. "Most of the people picked up were detained so there would be no trouble during the match," which West Germany won 2-0, thus qualifying for the semifinals.