The Deseret News picked up 67 awards -- including 18 first-place honors -- Saturday evening from the Utah Headliners Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Recipients were honored at an annual awards banquet, where reporters, photographers, headline writers and page designers were recognized for their efforts over the past year.Overall, the Deseret News won more than half of all awards given to newspapers in Utah, including 20 second-place awards, 15 third-place awards and 14 honorable mentions.

Lois M. Collins' previously honored package, "Generations of Tears," received first-place recognition in feature writing. The eight-page narrative recounted the lives of four generations of a Utah family ravaged by Huntington's, a degenerative neurological disease. In addition, Lou Ann Heller won first place for her design work on the package, while Laura Seitz received an honorable mention for her photography. "Generations of Tears" earlier won national SPJ and regional Best of the West and Associated Press honors.

The newspaper's staff at large was recognized with first- and second-prizes in deadline reporting for coverage of Salt Lake City's August 1999 tornado and a gunman's deadly attack at the LDS Family History Library. Individual writers excelled in many of their specialties, including business, crime and sports reporting and arts criticism.

Deseret News writers swept first-, second- and third-place honors in opinion/columns writing, business reporting and design, while the newspaper's photographers grabbed 10 awards out of 15 possible awards in their specialty, including a sweep of the General Excellence category in print photography.

DeAnn Evans, a former Deseret News managing editor, was posthumously given the Quintus C. Wilson Ethics Award. Evans, most recently a University of Utah journalism professor, died earlier this year.

The SPJ honors came one day after the Deseret News won 11 top awards at the Utah-Idaho-Spokane Associated Press Association's annual banquet Friday.

Saturday's honorees and award winners include:

1. Clifford P. Cheney Service to Journalism Award: Don Gale, formerly of KSL, Bonneville International.

2. Roy B. Gibson Freedom of Information Award: U.S. District Court Judge David K. Winder, Markus Zimmer, Robert Janzen and Ruth Kawashima of U.S. District Court.

3. Quintus C. Wilson Ethics Award: DeAnn Evans, posthumous honor.

Judging by journalists in Oklahoma City, San Diego, Portland, Pittsburgh and Las Vegas resulted in the following:

All media

4. News-oriented Web site, general excellence: 1., 2. Utah Online, Salt Lake Tribune, 3.

5. Editorials: 1. Lex Hemphill, Salt Lake Tribune; 2. Jay Evensen, Deseret News; 3. Don Porter, Standard-Examiner.

6. Opinion/columns writing: 1. Lee Benson, Deseret News; 2. Jay Evensen, Deseret News; 3. Lois Collins, Deseret News. Honorable mentions: Robert Kirby, Salt Lake Tribune; Charles Trentelman, Standard-Examiner.

7. Reviews/criticism: 1. Dennis Lythgoe, Deseret News; 2. Sean P. Means, Salt Lake Tribune; 3. Dave Gagon, Deseret News. Honorable mention: Mary Dickson, Salt Lake City Weekly.


8. Editorial cartoon: 1. "Visitors & Convention Bureau," Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune; 2. "Field of Hopeless Dreams," Jonathan Brown, Deseret News; 3. "Genealogy," Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune. Honorable mention: "The End," Scott Perry, Salt Lake Magazine.

9. Investigative reporting: 1. "Origins of Olympic Scandal," Linda Fantin, Salt Lake Tribune; 2. "Shoddy Gun Safety Programs," Dan Harrie, Judy Fahys, Ray Rivera and Glen Warchol, Salt Lake Tribune; 3. "Chemical Arms Woes in Utah," Lee Davidson, Deseret News. Honorable mention: "Family Secrets," Ray Rivera, Greg Burton and Dawn House, Salt Lake Tribune.

10. Comprehensive coverage: 1. "Olympic Scandal," Salt Lake Tribune, Terry Orme and staff; 2. "Salt Lake's Olympic Trials," Deseret News, Lisa Riley Roche; 3. "Guns and Violence in Utah," Salt Lake Tribune (Dan Harrie, Judy Fahys, Ray Rivera, Greg Burton, Glen Warchol, Katherine Kapos, Bob Mims).

11. Special projects: 1. "Dealing With Dying," Anne Golden, The Daily Herald; 2. "Great Salt Lake, Lake at Crossroads," Jim Woolf, Glen Warchol, Kristen Moulton, Heather May, Tom Wharton, Judy Fahys, Brent Israelsen, Dan Egan, Joan O'Brien, Salt Lake Tribune; 3. "Becoming American," Hans Camporreales, Deseret News. Honorable mentions: "Focus on 2000, " Scott Taylor and Olympic specialists, Deseret News; "Legislative Wrap-up," Bob Bernick Jr., Lucinda Dillon, Jerry Spangler and legislative team, Deseret News.

12. Deadline reporting: 1. "Salt Lake City Tornado 1999," Deseret News staff; 2. "Shooting at LDS Library," Deseret News staff; 3. "Riverdale Flood," Amy Pray and Cheryl Buchta, Standard-Examiner.

13A. Environment: 1. "Gravel the Pits," Melissa Ann Wilson, Standard-Examiner; 2. "Airborne Asbestos Fuels Fears in Payson," Jerry Spangler and Edward L. Carter, Deseret News; 3. "Leavitt's Legacy," Rich Tuttle, Salt Lake City Weekly. Honorable mention (tie): "The Goal: Slumber and Lumber," Brent Israelsen, Salt Lake Tribune; "Forest Service Plans Aspen Tree Rescue," Brent Israelsen, Salt Lake Tribune.

13B. Health/medical science: 1. "Genetic Eyewitness," Joe Bauman, Deseret News; 2. "Brain Surgery Ends Seizures," Lois M. Collins; 3. "54 Years of Love," Patrice St. Germain, The Spectrum.

13C. Education: 1. "Teaching Evolution," Katherine Kapos, Salt Lake Tribune; 2. "Class of 2000," Katherine Kapos, Salt Lake Tribune; 3. "Leaving Career Not an Easy Choice," Jennifer Toomer-Cook, Deseret News.

13D. Legal affairs: 1. "Slapp Happy," Donna Kemp and Maria Titze, Deseret News; 2. "SLOC Panel Finds Only Two Culprits," Lisa Riley Roche and staff, Deseret News; 3. "Life or Death," Ray Rivera, Salt Lake Tribune. Honorable mention: "Family Dismayed," Judy Fahys, Salt Lake Tribune.

13E. Police/crime: 1. "William's Bones," Elaine Jarvik and Jennifer Dobner, Deseret News; 2. "Remember Anna," Amy Joi Bryson, Deseret News; 3. "Under Fire -- The Deadly Mystery," Christopher Smith, Salt Lake Tribune. Honorable mention: "Three Pregnancies, Four Deaths -- Clues about Utah Mother Died With Her," Michael Vigh, Salt Lake Tribune; "Portrait of a Pedophile," Jeremy B. Pugh, The Herald Journal.

13F. Business. 1. "The Bucks Behind Biotech, " Jenifer K. Nii, Deseret News; 2. "Dollars for Dealing," Derek Jensen, Deseret News; 3. "Novell Rides Again," Steve Fidel, Deseret News. Honorable mentions: "Are Big Bucks Fair Play?" Jenifer K. Nii and Gregory P. Kratz; Deseret News; "Fonix: The fast life and hard times of . . . ," Guy Boulton, Salt Lake Tribune; "Good Life," Lesley Mitchell, Salt Lake Tribune.

13G. Governmental/politics: 1. "Boyhood to Presidential Politics," John Heilprin, Salt Lake Tribune; 2. "Leavitt Shows Aggressive Side," Lucinda Dillon and Bob Bernick Jr., Deseret News; 3. "Creating a Capitol Image," Lucinda Dillon and Bob Bernick Jr., Deseret News. Honorable mentions: "Gov. Varela on Slippery Slope With Two Bosses, " Paul Swenson, Salt Lake Observer; "Going Dry," Jason Swensen, Deseret News; "Gambling Report Comes Up Sixes," Lois M. Collins, Deseret News.

13H. Social/human services: 1. "Disability Families Stranded on List," John Heilprin, Salt Lake Tribune; 2. "Meth Dieters Drop Pounds . . . ," Dennis Romboy, Deseret News; 3. "The Promise of Mentoring," Carma Wadley, Deseret News. Honorable mentions: "Unseen SLC," Diane Olson Rutter, Catalyst; "See No Evil, Hear No Evil," Andrea Moore Emmett, Salt Lake City Weekly.

13I. Religion: 1. "Lifelong Struggle of a Mormon Skeptic," Bob Mims, Salt Lake Tribune. 2. "Only for Eternity," Andrea Emmett, Salt Lake City Weekly; 3. "A Time to Heal; Mountain Meadows Tragedy and Victims Are Not Forgotten," Carma Wadley, Deseret News.

14. Feature writing: 1. "Generations of Tears" Lois M. Collins, Deseret News; 2. "Santa's Helper," Gib Twyman, Deseret News; 3. "Heroes in our Midst," Glen Warchol, Salt Lake Tribune. Honorable mention: "I'm Dirt," Gib Twyman, Deseret News.

15. Lifestyle feature: 1. "Blue Note Blues," Bill Frost, Salt Lake City Weekly; 2. "Rainy Day Revolution," Clayton Scrivner, Event Newsweekly; 3. "Coming Around," Dan Egan, Salt Lake Tribune. Honorable mentions: "Acting Sick," Dennis Lythgoe, Deseret News; "Parenting Teens," Ray Boren, Deseret News; "In the Garden," Diane Olson Rutter, Catalyst; "Try This: Gardening Ideas and Inspirations," Greta Belanger deJong, Catalyst.

16. Sports feature writing: 1. "Only One Button -- and Still a Champ," Gib Twyman, Deseret News; 2. "It's Been Fun, Frank, " Doug Robinson, Deseret News; 3, "Leap of Faith," Dan Sorenson, Homecourt.

17. Sports news reporting: 1. "Black Athletes in Utah," Amy Donaldson, Deseret News; 2. "The Great Goodbye," Doug Robinson, Deseret News; 3. "Delta Disaster, Flying Box of Popcorn," Tom McEachin, Standard-Examiner. Honorable mention: "Doping Fight Escalates," Christopher Smith, Salt Lake Tribune.

18. Headlines: 1. Scott Taylor, Deseret News; 2. Doug Fox, Daily Herald; 3 (tie). Susan Hermance, Deseret News, and Tom Durkin, Salt Lake Tribune. Honorable mention: Sam Allen, Wasatch County Courier.

19. Front page design: 1. Mark Murphy, Standard Examiner; 2. Anna Gill, Deseret News; 3. Staff, Salt Lake Tribune. Honorable mention: Event Newsweekly, Alexander Perry; Charles McCallum, Herald Journal.

20. Design: 1. "Generations of Tears," Lou Ann Heller, Deseret News; 2. "Scrapbook 1960-1970," Robert Noyce, Deseret News; 3 (tie). "Making Healthy Choices," Lou Ann Heller, Deseret News; "Figuring to Return," Robert Noyce, Deseret News. Honorable mentions: "All-State Volleyball MVP," Todd Adams, Salt Lake Tribune; "A Little Something for Everyone," Heidi H. Perry, Deseret News; "The Stock Market," Peter S. Lozancich, Salt Lake Tribune; Sports front page, Jay Hinton, Deseret News.

Print photography

21. Spot news photography: 1. "Explosion," Chuck Wing, Deseret News; 2. "UHP Shootout," Ryan Galbraith, Salt Lake Tribune; 3. (tie) "Floods," Jeffrey Allred, Deseret News; "Library Shooting," Kristan Jacobsen, Deseret News. Honorable mention: "Blown Down Trees," Gary McKellar, Deseret News.

22. Sports photos: 1. "Flying Boarders," Tom Smart, Deseret News; 2. "East Takes State," Kristan Jacobsen, Deseret News; 3. "This is a Non-Contact Sport," Nick Adams, The Spectrum. Honorable mention: "All Tied Up," Danny La, Salt Lake Tribune.

23. Feature photography: 1. "Autumn Leaves," Ravell Call, Deseret News; 2. "Bear Hugs," Rick Egan, Salt Lake Tribune; 3. "Fireworks Over Weber St.," Matt Houston, Standard Examiner. Honorable mention: "Snowboarder," Johanna Workman, Deseret News.

24. Photo essay: 1. "A Life on the Edge," Ravell Call, Deseret News; 2. "Baby Ballet," Laura Seitz, Deseret News; 3. "Healing Hands for Haiti," Amanda Saslow, Standard Examiner. Honorable mention: "Generations of Tears," Laura Seitz, Deseret News.

25. General excellence/print photography: 1. Kristan Jacobsen, Deseret News; 2. Jeffrey Allred, Deseret News; 3. Ravell Call, Deseret News. Honorable mention: Chuck Wing, Deseret News.


26. Magazine feature: 1. "Animal Logic," Ben Fulton, Salt Lake City Weekly; 2. "Field of Dreams," Phil Jacobsen, Salt Lake City Weekly; 3. "The Law's Longest Arm," Jeremy Pugh, Herald Journal. Honorable mentions: "Keys to Romance," Mark Gerard, Salt Lake Magazine; "Tetched by an Angel," Paul Swenson, Salt Lake Observer; and "Power Plants," Kristen Riedelbach, Salt Lake City Weekly.

27. Magazine news story: 1. "Tracking Dust," A.J. Martine, Salt Lake Magazine; 2. "Assisted Suicide," Jim Stiles, Salt Lake City Weekly; 3. "Porn Free," Ben Fulton, Salt Lake City Weekly. Honorable mentions: "Large Classes, Small Tax Dollars" by Karen Denton, Utah Business; "Goodbye Main Street, Hello ACLU," Christopher Smart, Salt Lake City Weekly.

28. General excellence in specialized publications: 1. Salt Lake: Magazine of the Mountainwest; 2. Catalyst Magazine.


29. Spot news: 1. KSL, "Family History Library Shooting"; 2. KSL, "Triad Center Shooting."

30. Non-deadline reporting. 1. KUER, "Vest Pocket Coalition," Vince Pearson; 2. KUER, "Chess," Bryan Schott.

31. Comprehensive coverage: 1. KCPW, "Tornado"; 2. KCPW, "Olympic Scandal"; 3. KUER, "Mayoral Race."

33. Feature reporting: 1. KUER, "Kathryn Warner," Kat Snow; 2. KUER, "Bosnian Community," Jenny Brundin.

34. Documentaries/special projects: 1. KSL, "Utah's Heroes," Rick Lindsay; 2. KPCW, "Treasure Mountain," Mike Savage; 3. KUER, "LDS/Politics," Jenny Brundin.

35. Series: 1. KUER, "Educating Children of Autism," Kat Snow; 2. KUER, "Teaching Evolution," Jenny Brundin; 3. KSL, Darci Marchese.

36. Sports: 1. KUER, "Football," Jenny Brundin; 2. KPCW, "Disabled Skiers," Mike Savage.

37. Best radio newscast: 1. KSL Utah's Noon News; 2. KSL Morning News; 3. KCPW.


38. Spot news: 1. KSL staff, "Tornado."

39. Non-deadline reporting: 1. KSTU, "Tornado," Steve Baron. Honorable mention: "Honduras," Paul Murphy, KTVX.

40. Comprehensive coverage: 1. "Custody Battle," Paul Murphy, KTVX; 2. "The Great Salt Lake" by Todd Horgaard, KSTU.

41. Investigative reporting: 1. "City Slackers," Remi Barron, KSTU; 2. "Toy Story," Remi Barron, KSTU; 3. "Sex Abuse," Paul Murphy, KTVX.

42A: Feature reporting, short format: 1. "Little Shakespeare," Carole Mikita, KSL-TV; 2. "Healing Art," Hope Woodside, KSTU; 3. "Prison Music," Bruce Lindsay, KSL-TV.

42B. Feature reporting, long format: 1. "Left Behind," KSTU, Bob Evans.

43: Sports reporting: No awards given.

44: Television documentary: 1. "The Great Salt Lake," Todd Hougaard, KSTU-TV; 2. "The Saints in Spain," Carole Mikita, KSL-TV.

45. Series: 1. "From Russia with Love," Bob Evans, KSTU; 2. "Price of Faith" by Courtney Zavala, KSTU; 3. "Homicide," Scott McKane, KSTU. Honorable mention: "Miracle Mission," Ed Yeates, KSL-TV.

46. Best Newscast: 1. KSL-TV News.

47. Feature editing: 1. "The Great Salt Lake -- Utah's Desert Sea," Todd Hougaard, KSTU-TV; 2. "The Reality of Raves," Zachary Carver, KSL-TV.

48: Daily news editing: 1. "Kickin' Grass" by Ken Mostek, KSTU; 2. "Tornado" by Zackary Carver, KSL-TV; 3. "Balloon Festival" by Brian McBride, KSL-TV.

49. General excellence in news editing: 1. "Heart Strings," "KSL Early Days" and "Steep Thrills, " Brian McBride, KSL-TV; 2. "The Mostek Files '99," Ken Mostek, KSTU-TV; 3. "Paradise Lost," "Happy Crossing Guard" and "Hometown Huddle," Mike Sadowski, KTVX-TV. Honorable Mention: "Hougaard '99," Todd Hougaard, KSTU-TV.

50. Television spot news photography: 1. "Tornado," Kevin Bond, KTVX-TV; 2. "We're Ready To Go," Ken Mostek, KSTU-TV.

51A. Television feature photography (short): 1 (tie) "Kickin' Grass," Ken Mostek, KSTU-TV; "Hometown Huddle," Mike Sadowski, Joe Kruegger and Mark Wetzell, KTVX; 2. "Utah Hero," Charlie Ehlert, KSTU-TV.

51B. Television feature photography (long): 1. "Glen Canyon," Ken Verdoia, KUED-TV; 2. "Jerusalem," KSL-TV.

52. General excellence in photography; 1. "The Mostek Files," Ken Mostek, KSTU-TV; 2. "A Great Year," Todd Hougaard, KSTU-TV; 3. "Portfolio," Kevin Bond, KSL, KTVX.