Brandon Judd, Deseret News
BYU quarterback Tanner Mangum (12) surveys the field before a snap during the Cougars' scrimmage at LaVell Edwards Stadium on Thursday, Aug. 10, 2017, in Provo.

Although BYU quarterback Tanner Mangum didn't connect with receivers for any big plays during Thursday's scrimmage, he did identify ripe opportunities. One of those players was Beau Tanner, who he found going down on the sidelines in single coverage, with the attempted pass just tipped away by cornerback Troy Warner.

Although the play went for zero yards, Mangum commented it was a good example of his ever-improving ability to be on the same page as offensive coordinator Ty Detmer.

“Ty was pleased with the decision,” Mangum said. “He understands field position and down-and-distance, so I feel like he and I are getting on the same page. I feel that I know what he expects.”

NO PREFERENCE IN THE BACKFIELD: How the running back rotation will work out has been a consistent topic throughout fall camp. For now, junior Squally Canada is still the first option while sophomore Riley Burt is making a strong bid for the second option.

As for Mangum's preference, he doesn't seem to care that much.

“It’s still kind of a pick your poison, in a way,” Mangum said. “For me, I really don’t care who is in the huddle. They’re constantly switching out and I really don’t have a preference.”

The assumed starting quarterback also likes the variety of styles shown by options such as Canada and Burt, along with Trey Dye and KJ Hall.

“Each one brings a kind of different skill set, so it kind of depends on the situation we’re in,” Mangum said. “But I like that all the guys are getting good experience and good reps. All of them are doing a good job.”