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A group of Kaysville sports enthusiasts dealt a “lob shot” of sorts to their city leaders. In true competitive spirit, the Kaysville mayor and city council volleyed back. Now, a year later, the result might make a passionate pickler proud.

The city just completed 8 new pickleball courts which are now open to the public at Barnes Park. True pickleball enthusiasts say the courts are some of the nicest you’ll find in the state, including Jan Kapp from the Brigham City area. “For those that like pickleball, there’s certain things that we look for and these have everything that we’re looking for.”

Pickleball is a cross between tennis, badminton and ping pong. It’s a sport in which a “slice,” “chop,” “flat-face” and a “dink” make for an exciting game among friends.

Shannon Wright explains, “It’s a quick on and off game so you meet a lot of people and it’s just so much fun.”

A true grass-roots effort made the construction of the pickleball courts a reality. Kaysville resident Tammy Wursten initially went to the city council asking that they create a place to play the sport they love. Until now, area “picklers” had to travel about 25 minutes to find the nearest court. “And I thought its time that we have some pickleball courts in our community,” Wursten explains.

Ultimately, when the city determined that the demand for a pickleball court was essentially “gherkin-gantuan” the city told picklers to earn half the money to build a new facility and they’d match it.

Chris Snell, Kaysville City Council Member, says, “I think the biggest thing that prompted me was the excitement I saw in many of the people who had been playing pickleball with limited space and limited access to it willing to actually put their money where their mouth was.”

Wursten adds, “We just did what we had to do to get the pickleball courts in our community.”

They pounded the pavement and raised 125 thousand dollars for the project.

With surprise, Mayor Steve Hiatt says, “I had no idea there was a pickleball community with such huge fire and so much energy and they really rose to the occasion and as you can see they clearly delivered in a wonderful, wonderful way.”

With the city’s matching funds the courts were constructed. The inaugural match was led by Governor Gary Herbert.

After trying his hand at pickleball, Governor Herbert complimented the team effort in the city. “This is an example of the community coming together, having an idea that has resonated with the citizens of Kaysville and with the mayor and city council and working together saying, ‘How do we solve it? How do we get the money, raise private money, get a little taxpayer money and build this nice complex which will add to the ambience of and the quality of life of Kaysville?’ It’s a great example for all the communities in Utah of how to come together and solve some problems and create some really good opportunities for the quality of life.”

Now picklers are relishing the new city resource.

Pickler Neldon Kapp explains, “These [courts] are just amazing. For the community and everybody involved. It’s going to grow by leaps and bounds. It’s growing every day.”

Wursten adds, “I’ve had a hard time wiping the mile off my face. It’s been just fabulous.”

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