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2017 is here and with the new year comes a chance to create a new you. Here are 3 hobbies you should consider taking up this year.

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Be a backyard explorer

There's no easier hobby than one you can start in your own backyard. And, if you live in Utah, there's no better terrain to explore and venture throughout. Campers, hikers, skiers and hunters flock to the state that has so much to offer, why not take advantage of it now while you're still here?

To get started: Be sure to have the proper equipment before you venture out into the wild. We also recommend you begin this hobby with someone who has had plenty of experience (especially with hunting and guns). Practice safety first before starting these hobbies.

Become the next Van Gogh, or...Jackson Pollock

How many of you have always wanted to be more creative or artistic? Well, this is the year to take up painting. With so many mediums to choose from (watercolor, acrylic, oil and more), you're sure to find a style that fits you the best.

To get started: You can start on your own or include your whole family. You can create your own space at home or find a space that has all the supplies you need. Either way, the key is to make sure you set time for your new hobby to take flight.

Join unconventional sports leagues

Whether with your own family or with your friends who are also kids at heart, create a sports league that meets together often for games. Kick it up a notch and do something unconventional like dart tag, croquet or ping pong.

To get started: Pick an unconventional sport that has always interested you, recruit family and/or friend and create a schedule. It's that simple!

What are some other hobbies you want to take up this year? Let us know in the comments. (And don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for Facebook giveaways alll throughout January.