Mahesh Kumar A., File, Associated Press
FILE - In this May 31, 2015 file photo, a woman cools herself on a hot summer day in Hyderabad, in the southern Indian state of Telangana. The U.N. weather agency said on Monday, Nov. 14, 2016, that 2016 is set to break the record for the hottest year since measurements began in the 19th century.

MARRAKECH, Morocco — U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says he hopes Donald Trump will shift course on global warming and "understand the seriousness and urgency" of addressing the problem.

"As president of the United States I'm sure that he will understand this, he will listen and he will evaluate his campaign remarks," Ban said Tuesday.

Trump has called global warming a "hoax" on social media and pledged during his campaign to "cancel" the landmark Paris climate agreement adopted last year.

Speaking to reporters at his last U.N. climate conference as secretary-general, Ban said he's sure the president-elect "will make a good, wise decision and I'm going to discuss this matter more in person."

The Paris Agreement was signed by more than 190 countries and has been formally approved by more than 100 of them, including the U.S.

Ban called international climate action "unstoppable" and said that no country, "however resourceful or powerful" is immune from the impacts of global warming.

Trump's election has injected uncertainty about the U.S role in the Paris deal, which calls on all countries to reduce or curb their greenhouse gas emissions and encourages rich countries to help poor ones deal with climate change.

Associated Press writer Samia Errazzouki contributed to this report.