Former Weber State point guard Damian Lillard is more than just one of the best point guards in the game, he is also a rapper. His first album, "The Letter O," was released Thursday night and he had a lot of help getting the word out as current and former teammates shared the news all over social media.

Even Utah Jazz assistant coach Johnnie Bryant shared the news.

The "O" represents his hometown of Oakland, California, and the city where he played four years college basketball, Ogden. Lilliard wears the number 0 on his NBA jersey for the same reason.

Lillard, who has been honing his talent for years, said that "The Letter O" is has clean lyrics.

The album features artists such as Dupre, Jamie Foxs and Lil Wayne and track names such as "Bill Walton" and "Wasatch Front", where he says "Jazz up the road, I want to play for Jerry Sloan."