Marcus Ericsson/TT, AP
Sweden's Zlatan Ibrahimovic smiles during a presser following the training with Sweden's national soccer team at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, Thursday, May 26, 2016.

A look at some of the best days for soccer-watching in the U.S. while the Centennial Copa America and European Championship run concurrently (all times MDT):


Why to watch: Spain opens defense of its title. Sweden's Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Belgium tries to prove it deserves its status as a favorite when it faces Italy in the Euro's best group stage match.

Euro 2016

Spain vs. Czech Republic, 7 a.m., ESPN

Ireland vs. Sweden, 10 a.m., ESPN

Belgium vs. Italy, 1 p.m., ESPN

Copa America

Mexico vs. Venezuela, 6 p.m., FS1

Uruguay vs. Jamaica, 8 p.m., FS1


Why to watch: Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo, and two Copa America quarterfinals.

Euro 2016

Belgium vs. Ireland, 7 a.m., ESPN

Iceland vs. Hungary, 10 a.m., ESPN

Portugal vs. Austria, 1 p.m., ESPN

Copa America

Group D winner vs. Group C second place, 5 p.m., FX

Group C winner vs. Group D second place, 8 p.m., FX

June 21

Why to watch: Germany and Spain wrap up group stage play, and the first Copa America semifinal.

Euro 2016

Northern Ireland vs. Germany, 10 a.m., ESPN

Ukraine vs. Poland, 10 a.m., ESPN2

Croatia vs. Spain, 1 p.m., ESPN

Czech Republic vs. Turkey, 1 p.m., ESPN2

Copa America

Semifinal, 7 p.m., FS1

June 22

Why to watch: Ronaldo's Portugal could be looking to clinch a spot in the knockout round. Ibrahimovic goes against Belgium's injury-depleted defense. The second Copa America semifinal.

Euro 2016

Hungary vs. Portugal, 10 a.m., ESPN

Iceland vs. Austria, 10 a.m., ESPN2

Italy vs. Ireland, 1 p.m., ESPN

Sweden vs. Belgium, 1 p.m., ESPN2

Copa America

Semifinal, 6 p.m., FS1

June 26

Why to watch: Three round of 16 Euro games, followed by the Copa America final.

Euro 2016

Group A winner vs. third-place team, 7 a.m., ESPN

Group C winner vs. third-place team, 10 a.m. ESPN

Group F winner vs. Group E runner-up, 1 p.m., ESPN

Copa America

Final, 6 p.m., FS1