Charmaine Noronha, AP
This April 19, 2012 photo shows Salome Creek in Salome Canyon, in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest. A canyoneering expedition in the area includes hiking, climbing, sliding and wetsuit-wading but can be tackled by novices accompanied by an experienced guide. (AP Photo/Charmaine Noronha)

PHOENIX — A sheriff's official said Thursday a man and two women were the victims of a triple homicide discovered in residences on desert property used by Phoenix-area residents for weekend getaways.

The killings discovered Sunday by a deputy investigating a burglary report may have occurred last weekend while the victims were the only people staying at the property on a road between Salome and Interstate 10, La Paz County sheriff's Lt. Curt Bagby said.

Investigators were trying to locate and interview people connected with the property after initially focusing on collecting fingerprints, DNA samples and other evidence.

"The problem we have is that crime scene is almost five acres," Bagby said.

All three victims were shot. A man and woman were found in one residence, and a woman in another.

The property has about a dozen residences and sites for trailers and recreational vehicles.

"Visitors can shoot guns, they can drink. That's kind of the draw," Bagby said.

The sheriff's office said Wednesday that a Phoenix man accused of shooting at Glendale police had the car of one of the victims.

Kitage Lynch, 24, was booked on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and discharging a firearm in city limits.

Two Glendale police officers had been shot at while responding to a report of a man shouting, dancing, punching the air and shooting a gun in a field. Neither officer was injured but two rounds hit a police vehicle.

Court documents say Glendale police found guns, including one stolen from the La Paz County killing site, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in or near the car.

Lynch didn't have an attorney during an initial court appearance.

His sister Tsancyi Lynch said in a phone interview that her brother had no history of violent behavior.

Tsancyi Lynch, who lives in Hawaii, said she and her brother aren't close but she had been trying to get in touch with him.

La Paz County authorities were waiting for results of tests of evidence collected from the triple-homicide scene before they decide whether to charge Kitage Lynch in the triple homicide, Bagby said.

Lynch has declined to speak with investigators.

Bagby said he believes at two people were involved in the killings. "From what we saw, it would be hard for one person to do but not impossible," he said.