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Scott Smith, Associated Press
This picture taken Nov. 19, 2015, in Modesto, Calif., shows a turkey selected for a pardon from the Thanksgiving dinner table by President Obama.

MODESTO, Calif. — An outgoing personality and good looks won a turkey from California a Thanksgiving pardon from President Obama and a trip to the White House.

Called Tom One, the cocky turkey gobbled and strutted Thursday before a cheering class of 5th graders at a Foster Farms ranch in Modesto, California.

The turkey will board a flight in San Francisco called Turkey One bound for the ceremony ahead of Thanksgiving.

Joe Hedden, a Foster Farms manager who selected the lucky turkey, carefully examined its feathers and head.

He let it strut around, puffing its feathers and gobbling to the students' delight.

Hedden says the bird showed the personality fitting a presidential meeting.

After its White House visit, the turkey will live the rest of its natural life at a farm.